Q&A Grate heaters ....do they really work?

QandA Posted By QandA, Jan 4, 2004 at 2:20 PM

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    Me and My husband are looking to make our fireplace more efficient, and thought that maybe these grate heaters (From Northern Express) would be a good idea. They are somewhat cheaper than an insert, and we love the sounds from an open fire. does anyone know of this product, and how well it really works? Thanks!


    Well, your answer is YES and No.

    Here's the deal. The ad says 60,000 BTU (per hour). I'd be surprised if this unit put out 10-15,000. So, it will help warm a room a bit when burning a fire, and will probably deliver 15-20% efficiency from your wood....However, it will be nowhere near as good as a stove or insert.

    You can buy some small wood stoves starting at about $500 and install them into your fireplace....if you're really looking for more heat. You will give up some looks through.

    Here's another grate heater that I think might be better thought out than the one at Northern: www.ecofire.com/

    Also, look at the Ultragrate at: http://www.wilkeningfireplace.com/

    More expensive, but includes airtight glass door.

    Link: EcoFire

    Link: Ultragrate
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