Grundfos Alpha Vs. Taco Bumblebee?

NNYorker Posted By NNYorker, Feb 24, 2015 at 9:48 PM

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    Long time, no updates. In the process of replacing 4 older Grundfos 15-42 and 15-58 circulator pumps with Grundfos Alpha1. Michigan has energy rebates of $100 per pump (I called the managing organization and they will rebate at least 4 pumps). With the Alpha 1 15-55F costing around $130 each (from the big online HVAC supply) it's a no brainer. My original Alpha, now called an Alpha 2 has "Autoadapt" to select which mode to use, the Alpha 1 has 3 constant pressure modes. My system is zoned with pumps, and all but one zone is a constant load. For a substantial discount I can push a button to select the mode. With my first converted zone, around 40' of fintube, the lowest power level , constant pressure level I, is 12W and 3gpm per the display. Hard to beat that. The existing autoadapting Alpha will go on the only zone with zone valves. I think the A1 would handle this just fine, but already have the unnumbered alpha. Today's project is to install the remaining pumps now that I have the expensive special gaskets for the old Grundfos isolation flanges installed around the mid 80s with most of the now being replaced (so old they're blue) pumps.

    The Taco pumps are a bit cheaper but lack the display. With @Karl_northwind 's comment, and the blinken lights/gadget guy attitude, it was worth the few extra bucks.

    The bumblebee is still going strong, but we're snowbirding this winter and will drain the OWB. Tough decision, 30 feet of snow or a winter sitting by the pool...
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