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Nov 17, 2005
Western Mass.
I was in lowes the other day and saw Green Team Pellets for $250 per ton.

Actually, I wasn't - but this is a sample entry. Notice there is a choice of a "Thread Prefix" when you make your entry - this is a drop down menu in the title entry.

1.Select your region or country (or the last one - all others states)
2. In the same Title after the Prefix, Enter that State Code and then the city, as in "NY, Albany"

Then any specifics, such as the store name and delivery, etc. in the body of the post.

Try it!
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Sep 19, 2022
For Northern Nevada, Reno area where we used to buy when we lived there see:
There is pricing for Bear Mountain. Scroll down the page to their August 23rd post at $335 per ton. Below it and further down for August 6th are Golden Fire with no pricing. Apparently there was some concern with product availability for this year? Bear Mountain pellets come out of Oregon.
I'm guessing delivery distance/fuel costs for Western states are a greater issue vs. Eastern bringing per ton pricing closer to $100 more this year for Western areas.