Harman Accentra-2


Jun 15, 2009
Hi everyone, long time user of this forum but haven't posted for awhile. Looking to finally add some supplemental heat to the lower level of a property located in Northern Ontario. The room is approx 14 X 37 with 10ft ceilings and sits on a crawlspace - vert difficult to keep warm using central heating.

I have a Lennox Ladera FP on the main level that keeps us toasty which rises to a loft. Some of that is the problem with the lower level as it drafts all the time and is always cool. Kids want to be in the lower level but too cold in winter time and might be too pricey to service that side of the building with gas and/or go with new equipment. Stove would go where you see TV ... furthest left sliding door of the room.

I've come across a Harman Accentra 2 on the used market and it's reasonably priced for $2k. Unit is about 8-10 years and claims to have been serviced annually but not run last season. Thinking of going to have a look ... anything in particular that should make me stay away ? Can anyone give me a quick checklist on what to look for ?? thanks in advance .... looking forward to joining the pellet burners possibly.


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Burning Hunk
Nov 5, 2011
Kananaskis,Alberta, Canada
Plug it in and put it in test mode to see if all of the fans and auger work, you can also put the igniter in manual with the knobs on 4 to see if the LED stays lit(will blink if not working). Hopefully the seller has cleaned it.