2012 Harman Accentra 2 FS: Does it use carbon potentionmeters?

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New Member
Sep 21, 2022
A more technical question: Would a 2012 Harman Accentra 2 freestanding stove have carbon potentiometers? I think there's a couple sticking points because between 70-75 on the control board doesn't seem to change the stove's output according to my digital thermometers I have seeded around the house. Looking to try cleaning with DeoxIT F5 and see if they change the operation. If that doesn't work I think I'm looking at replacing the pots or control board depending on what time would allow. Also, wondering if other issue could be ESP probe needs cleaning? Room sensor probe is brand new and in a stable location by an existing digital thermostat and digital thermometer for comparison and they are both stable so there's no draft or external factory at play I don't think.


Minister of Fire
Jan 15, 2013
You're thinking is probably correct. There's likely dead spots on the pots. Try the DeOxit first and if that doesn't cure it replacing the pots would be next.