Harman Accentra Replacement Distribution Motor

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Nov 29, 2016
If you bought the cheap replacement distribution motor online instead of springing for the expensive OEM model, just know the wiring instructions are incorrect for the Accentra older model. Not sure about the newer models. I bought mine 2005.

I replaced my burned out motor with the replacement motor. Assigned wiring according to the lackluster instructions . Plugged it in and it immediately blew the fuse at the control panel. Thought it was the ground, which was dodgy on the new motor. Still popped a fuse after removing. Got out the multi meter and testing the wires in back of the stove found the wiring diagram in the instructions to be wrong. Should be like this:

Terminal 1= LB
Terminal 2 = Red
Terminal 3 = DB

I used this configuration and got the power light to come on, no blown fuse. Stove had trouble firing at first, so put it in test mode for a bit, all working, so immediately turned stove to high, cranked the temp, and got the stove cooking. Turned down the temp and it’s running great now! Hopefully this saves you a little frustration….

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