Harman Advance auger motor

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New Member
Feb 12, 2019
New York
Yesterday my stove started making a low screeching sound. After a little investigating it was making this noise after the auger motor cycled and started to slow down. I pulled the back covers of the stove and found 2 bolts completely backed out of the auger motor and the noise was coming from the feeder pusher arm rubbing on the bolt head from the feeder gear motor bracket which secures the auger motor. I called the dealer who I bought the stove from and told them what had happened and they said they would call the Harman tech and see what they had to say. In the meantime I emptied the hopper of pellets and let the auger completely run the pellets out. When the dealer called back they said the techs only concern was the alignment of the auger motor after tightening the bolts and the possibility of ruining the auger motor if not aligned correctly. My stove does not have the chain drive and I’m wondering if anyone has had this happen to them. The bolts threaded back into the auger motor fairly easy and I applied locktite to them. The bolts didn’t seem to be out of alignment so I’m wondering if I should do anything other than what I did to align the motor? Thank you