Harman auger motor

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Nov 17, 2012
Central MA
Has any one had luck repacking the auger motor gears with new grease to quiet it down? Thinking of trying it this preseason
If you do don't over pack it and don't use the same grease u use in your car, Usually they are packed with a light coating of white grease. If you pile the grease in their thinking its going to work better it will have the opposite effect and make the motor work harder.
Use a high temp synthetic grease and as stated above, don’t overpack
Curious, is this something that people do as maintenance? Mine is 13 years old I don't really notice the noise from the auger. But if it is something that should be done, I would do it.
Use a high temp synthetic grease and as stated above, don’t overpack
Mine has the gasket pushed out on one side and leaking at five years. Is there a replacement gasket or just use silicon? What grease is recommended?

Harman auger motor
High temp Great stuff gasket maker and high temp synthetic grease, I prefer clear as if it is seeping black then there could be an issue
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