Harman P38 Feed Rate Issues


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Dec 2, 2019
Looking for some help here....
Last year we had and issue with a bolt making it into our auger and eventually it burnt up the auger motor. Replaced the old motor and in the process (i now stupid) shocked my self on the circuit board. Once i got it all connected the stove will not run a full throttle.....it will run but only runs well enough if i use the turbo feed rate setting). After that i replaced the ESP probe. Bottom line is its still not feeding correctly...its burnning realy low to the pot. I don't think its the seal on the hopper or the door gasket. Could it be that i fried something on the circuit board? I really don't want to drop the money into a new circut board if its something else.


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Jan 15, 2013
Welcome to the forum. Have you run self test and do all the motors run properly?


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Nov 28, 2019
Sounds like a perfect excuse to upgrade to the new control board. You'll get automatic, thermostatic control of the feed rate and blower motor. I just did mine this year and I'm thrilled with the difference in the stability of the temperature in the house. The install isn't bad at all if you can follow a basic wiring diagram, though there is a bit of metal cutting involved because the new board is bigger than the existing cutout.


Oct 15, 2014
Highland, NY
Probably the circuit board but also did you make sure the bolt didn't damage the slide plate and the auger? That could affect feed rate. If not I'd check those things also.