Harman P68 please help.

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Nov 3, 2017
Hi everyone. Running into some issues here -

I own a Harman p68. The combustion blower was starting to go so I went and bought and installed a new one direct from dealer. I fired it up and blew a fuse and power board showed no power. I replaced the fuse, unplugged the combustion blower and the power light stays lit and I ran test and everything except for the combustion blower runs so to the Best of my knowledge everything else is run to its proper wiring.

So, a break down. I replaced the combustion motor, I blow a fuse and the power goes out. I unplug the cumbustion motor, re install a new fuse and the power is on and everything seems ok.

Is the new combustion motor faulty? Is it supposed to be installed in a specific up and down placement?

I’m confused, and cold. Haha
The blower is faulty, OR you have a wire rubbed through the insulation,and hits something when plugged in. Got an ohm meter handy?
What I would do is connect the combustion blower to a test cord (an extension cord with the receptacle cut off) and plug it in to a power strip with a switch just to be safe. Be careful doing it. If the blower runs then the problem may be elsewhere. Perhaps there's a wire shorted.
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