Harman pellet Boiler PB 105 or the Harman Pellet furnace ??

dssamuels Posted By dssamuels, Jun 4, 2008 at 4:13 PM

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    Jun 2, 2008
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    I have a few questions between the Harman pb105 boiler and the Harman pellet furnace that I was hoping people could help with.

    I have a 2600 square foot colonial home that currently is heated (and domestic hot water) by an oil boiler with 4 zone baseboard radiator heat. I also have a separate AC duct system. The duct system is actually a two zone system so there is completely separate ducts for the upstairs and downstairs.

    I am trying to decide which unit (the boiler or the furnace is better for my application)

    If I get the furnace and hook it to the downstairs AC duct system, will it effectively heat the upstairs? There are ducts in every room including the hallways downstairs? I do not believe that I will be able to hook it into both the upstairs and downstairs ac duct systems.

    The furnace is aproximately $3400.00 plus install. If I use this unit, I will still use oil for the domestic hot water is the warmer months and the 30 year old oil boiler will serve as a back-up

    If I get the boiler, I can hook it into the existing 4 zone heating system and I guess it can also do the domestic hot water if I get the coil. The 30 year old oil boiler will still serve as a back-up. This unit is $6600.00 (with the water coil)($6400 without it) plus install.

    I am being told that if I get the harman boiler system, I will still need to keep a functioning oil back-up system. Being that my current system is 30 years old, I will likely end up buying the pellet boiler and the oil boiler. Though, even if I get the furnace, I may end up having to get a new oil boiler system when mine goes.????

    So, I could really use some help in deciding which is the better route to go?

    Is it cost effective to use the domestic hot water coil on the pellett boiler over the oil boiler. (Burn efficiency, etc.)?

    Will I really recoup the additional $3000 by using the boiler, making it worthwhile? It seems that if the furnace could do the job (in the ac unit to the downstairs) and it is not worth $$$ to use the domestic coil on the pellet boiler that it may not be worth the additional money for the boiler????

    As you can see, I need a lot of help.

    Do you think the furnace will do the job to keep the upstairs bedrooms/bathroom warm? We need to keep the upstairs warm in the winter 69-70 degrees for the kids so I am a little nervous that just going through the vents downstairs (without installing fans) will do the job. Thoughts please???

    Is the domestic hot water coil really beneficial to save money and continued use of oil to justify the extra $3000 for the boiler? Obviously, it will get us to stop using the oil, but are we really going to be saving enough money to make it worthwhile?? Again, the burn efficiency for the draw of the hot water, etc,??

    Which route would you go and why??? I am trying to make the purchase this week so any and all help is much appreciated.


    Dave Samuels
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