Harman wood and coal boilers /New Horizon storage tanks

leon Posted By leon, Feb 3, 2013 at 12:39 PM

  1. leon

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    Feb 3, 2013
    Southern Finger Lakes Region of New York
    Greetings and salutations to you all with my first posting on the forum.

    ANYWAY I think Phil is very mistaken and I hope the cold weather stays
    for bit and kills all the bad bugs in the soil.


    I own a very very old one room school house with unusable crawl space with baseboard
    heat which I absolutely hate.

    I am looking to replace my 32 year old wood and coal boiler with a Harman 360 and 1500 to 2000+ gallons of storage using three or four+ of the New Horizons storage storage tanks with an open system replcing my existing pressurised system.

    The oil boiler system was originally an open system the open system was replaced with a pressure loop the when wood and coal boiler was installed next to the oil boiler.

    I was thinking out loud of having a pole barn built with an attached wood and coal boiler lean to
    and moving the oil boiler with the storage which would also have room to add more insulated storage into the new shed the new shed would also be my train room :cool:

    I am hoping to build an N guage layout of a portion of the former Cascade Division of the Great Northern Railway( I will have plenty of room to do this and have a warm train room to maintain the best temperature to operate the layout and prevent any freeze damage to the layout.

    I could reuse the old boiler but i would have ot have it hydrotested to assure its integrity I would assume to make the insurer and the New York plumbing inspectors happy. MY thought was to replace it with a Harman 360 and the storage tanks witha an open system to burn wood and coal again and also have a better way to manage my wood and coal supply and no longer have to deal with bringing wood and coal into the house after thirty two years.

    ANy thouughts or personal knowledge of the Harman 360 and the New Horizons Storage tanks would be most welcome.

  2. hobbyheater

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    Nov 14, 2011

    Have no experience with either, but my thought is that storage that way would be very expensive. http://www.americansolartechnics.com/ build custom storage plus many on this site use propane tanks for storage.

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