Harman XXV JUNK distributor fan problem FIX

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Oct 16, 2012
I've had my beautiful XXV for 9 years now and have replaced everything replaceable EXCEPT for the auger at least once.

The POORLY designed distributor fan/motor places the motor right next to exhaust outlet which is a very high heat area which destroys the motor quickly. My last one only lasted 13 months. At $350 dollars a pop that's not acceptable for such a high end EXPENSIVE stove. Shame on you Harman!

I took the junk fan/motor out, kept the 2 back panels OFF and jimmyrigged a shroud behind the stove on the opposite side of the combustion motor using sheetmetal and a few old liscence plates and put a basic cheap box fan behind that. I started out with my Milwaukee 7" fan which worked well but I was worried about ruining it by running it 24/7 so I replaced it with a cheapo bigger box fan that will run for years and only costs like 20 bucks or so compared to the $350.- Harman fan that only lasts barely over a year. The air output from my jimmyrigged setup actually pus MORE air thru the stove to better distribute the heat into the room, I also put a small 6" fan on the combustion fan side on the rear of the stove to help out a bit.

Happy happy I finally found a solution to this problem that should not have existed in the first place.

edited to add.... ALL the Harman fan motors I kept replacing were not the cheap chineese replicas but were the SPENDY junk OEM real Harman parts
Love to see a pic of your set up! I just used the cheap knock off part and replaced my original dist motor. I expect it won't last. But the $350 part from the stove dealer, compared to $125 was hard to justify...
Thank you!! I got my replacement part working, but plan on rebuilding the old motor and keeping it handy for that day I need it. Appreciate you posting!
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I'd almost venture to say that the expensive OEM fans are just Chinese ones marked up. Just a speculation.

Mu Accentra is on its original fan. I think it's an 05 model.