Harmon Stoves- 12 week delivery

terryjd98 Posted By terryjd98, Jul 5, 2008 at 10:10 PM

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  1. terryjd98

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    Jul 1, 2008
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    I called a harmon Dealer in Ottawa Ontario Canada to inquire about their prices for stoves. Was told that there would be a 12 week wait for delivery of a Harmon and if I wanted a stove to put a deposit down and be put on the waiting list. So guess it might be end of Sept before they get more. The salesman said that a big stove company put in an order for 500 stoves and that cleaned out the warehouse in Montreal. The smaller dealers that just order 5 or 10 stoves at a time were out of luck. I tried to get the name of the stove store that took that many stoves but the salesman wouldn't tell me. I guess there may be a shortage of Harmon stoves in Canada also.
    Hope I can get talking to a manager or somebody next week that can tell me when Canadian Tire will ge getting in the Englanders or if any to get in. If not then guess I better make a deal for the Big E, better not wait any longer then next week or might be doing without.
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    Terry, whichever stove you decide on you are going to have for many years - maybe 10-15 if you are lucky. Why jump around from brand to brand and one end of the spectrum to the other? There are lots of brands of Pellet stoves which are either in stock or available within a short time. My suggestion is to look at all sides of the purchase - what about service and warranty? If you are not 100% capable of taking care of your own repairs and service, you are going to want to purchase from a dealer. Pellet stoves, in general, are NOT trouble-free...especially when not maintained properly.

    12 weeks from today is about the end of Sept - summer ends about the same time.

    Not trying to tell you which brand to buy, just that you should do ALL your research as to the many aspects of these products, make your decision, and make a purchase that you will be happy with for the long run.
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