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    Re: Hart & Cooley Stove Pipe I purchased a Hearthstone Woodburning stove. With it, came Hart & Cooley insulated stove pipe. Some of the rings that hold the pieces of pipe together are broken. Also, how do I connect the black stove pipe to the stainless steel pipe? Is there an elbow made of stainless than works with Hart & Cooley pipe? Also, how can I make the wall behind the stove somewhat fire resistent? Do I put cement board against the studs or can I install it over the sheetrock. I would then like to put ceramic tile on the cement board. Is this ok? Can I do the same for the platform under the stove?


    A lot of questions...

    First of all, you can usually get replacement bands from a Hart and Cooley dealer. To connect black pipe, buy a Hart and Cooley slip connector, which is stainless steel. It hooks to the bottom of your insulated chimney and allows you to mate black pipe to it. You can also buy stainless pipe which is the same diameter as black pipe and can work in it's place.

    To protect the wall properly, the cement board must be mounted on spacers away from the all. This is usually specified in the directions for the board...and/or the stove. You can install tile on the board - use glue that can withstand reasonable temperature (probably thin-set).

    The platform under the stove can also be made of cement board...usually 3 layers of 1/2" minimum and then covered with tile or other non-combustible surface.

    It's always a good idea to obtain an owners manual for your particular model so you can be sure of the clearances needed.
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