Hearth.com needs your help sending a Forum member to the Stove/Fireplace Trade Show

webbie Posted By webbie, Feb 11, 2007 at 1:51 PM

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    Dear Friends,

    Corie is a long time forum member who is a young engineering student at Villanova. He is the only engineering student I have ever heard of with the goal of becoming a stove maker!

    In pursuit of this goal, Corie has studied stoves and fireplaces on his own, built his own stove, and even started a charitable program to help some needy folks in the Philadelphia area install stoves and chimneys!

    The Stove and Fireplace industry has a yearly Trade Show, which is in Reno this year. We are sending Corie there for both his continuing education and for job prospects. But we have a problem - Corie is already WAY into debt paying for his college - let alone that he has spent all his mad money on tools and supplies to help other people stay warm!

    So we are asking Hearth.com readers for donations to help in this effort.

    I am acting as coordinator for the funds. The airfare has already been booked at a cost of over $500 (I fronted the money). I am going to put up $250 to get the action started. Here is the information if you would like to help.

    Every dollar counts, so $5 or $10 is welcome as well as $100 or whatever. We are trying to raise about $1,000 as that will end up being the cost of the trip.

    Donations can be by check, cash, MO, paypal or even credit card.

    Cash, check or MO can be made out to and mailed to:
    Craig Issod
    8 Golden Circle
    Southampton, MA 01073

    Paypal can be sent to webmaster@hearth.com

    If you want to pay by credit card, either send me an email or a Private message and I will give instructions or fax info (card, exp and amount) to 413-280-0178

    Donations from companies within the industry are welcome, and all donors will be listed in a Press Release and other postings on this site (however, you can remain anonymous if you like).

    If this works out, it may be a program which we can bring into the future - sending new talent to the Show in order to help advance the stove industry in North America.

    Thank you!
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