Hearth Renovation


Feeling the Heat
Apr 7, 2017
Southeastern CT
Nice job! You nailed the look from the photos at the start of the thread. So, what did you learn?
Thanks! I learned:

1. How to mix mortar. Took a little practice, but at the end I felt like I kinda sorta knew what I was doing.

2. Keeping mortar spacing consistent was essentially impossible for me, as a beginner. Especially with real stone and so all the stones are different. However, I concluded that the variability isn't too noticeable once you take a few steps back.

3. I should have used grout release on the hearth stones before putting them in place. They got stained and I was kind of bummed about it. Have mostly got over it since then :)

4. I really like working with stone! Suddenly I saw all sorts of places inside and outside at our place that it'd be fun to use stone. Won't end up doing it I'm sure - all of the projects would be complete nice to haves, but it would be really fun and I like the look of stone.

Can't wait to get some use out of the hearth next year!