Hearthstone Castleton Baffle Replacement issues

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Mar 10, 2020
Hello Everyone,

I have a Hearthstone Castleton 2021 model that needs to have the baffle replaced. I ordered a Lynn kit based off the part number provided by Hearthstone and thought everything would go in just fine. Everything fit well, but the back baffle piece will not stay in place, it keeps falling out. The old one was broken in the back so it was hard to tell exactly how it was resting, but it all seems pretty simple.

I have two metal brackets, one that obviously goes on the front piece with a cotter oun going through it and the air tube and a second bracket that obviously goes on the front edge of the back baffle with a cotter pin through it as well. There are no other obvious attachments points and the baffle doesn't rest very well on the back air tubes.

Am I doing something wrong? I've looked for videos, it everything is for the heritage which has a different baffle setup. The instructions seem pretty clear, but it won't stay in place following them.