Hearthstone Equinox

trettig Posted By trettig, Nov 6, 2011 at 8:58 PM

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  1. FireWalker

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    Aug 7, 2008
    Lake George
    Why not pull the cap off the top outlet and go in from there?

    Just courious, how do you clean the connector if you can't disconnect the stove?
  2. blacktop37

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    Jan 4, 2009
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    When I built my house I built a masonary chimney with a cleanout on ground level right at the T. I can clean from the ground to the top and I can go vertical to the stove from outside to the inside the house. This has worked very well for 25 years most with a smoke dragon BK. The new install with 8" liner has preformed perfect and I can clean everything except on top of baffel. the installer put on a double wall connecter that we had to back the stove to the connecter. Would be a lot of work to get plate off. I put a camera in the top and some creasote but not bad. I figure somday I will have to clean it. Nothing from the chimney ever gets in the area.
  3. wellbuilt home

    wellbuilt home
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    Jul 6, 2008

    FW No I'm not 2' @ 10 feet . My pipe exits 5' from the ridge and is 6 " above the ridge + the top .
    The chimney is 40+ feet in the air so no one ever really looked at it .
    Chimney sweep wont even go up .

    Even in hi wind I get no smoke in or puffing in the house .
    If my flue is warm the draft will suck tissue up the flue?
    My damper is cast with 2 hols the size of silver dollars .

    If i burn with out the damper I don't get above 300o with any air setting .
    I don't really ever get flame from the tubes only short bursts 5 or 6 " of flame at a time.
    and only if there are logs burning .
    Once the wood is all in flamed i see dancing flame between the tubes and the top of the wood .

    I had a HS 1 years ago and it would get hot and the fire would last longer because the fire box was much taller and i could stack
    4 /5 12" logs n/s
    This was much easier because there was less splitting .
    I broke down a bought a electric heater for the living room and plug it in 10 feet from the stove .
    (Bummer) John
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