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    This summer I bought and installed a Hearthstone Sterling Direct Vent LP stove. Installation is complete but stove will not stay lighted and even the pilot goes out after a few minutes. Trouble shooting guide talks about adjusting the thermo pile height. Pilot does not engulf the top 1/2 " of the thermopile as it should. How is this done? The stove is vented into an existing chimney which is approx. 20 feet high. Is it mandatory to install a restrictor plate in the exhaust vent? Thank you.


    There is usually a pilot adjustment screw on the valve. Check some other things, in this order:

    1. Is the LP tank full?
    2. Has the output of the LP pressure regulator (on the tank) been checked?
    3. It's possible that a piece of dirt has partially clogged the pilot orifice.

    Check with your dealer or HearthStone after you or your installer have undertaken these steps.

    An overview of the workings of gas valves is at:

    Link: How gas appliances work
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