Heat & Glo, RC300 pairing issue after replacing 8K1-30.

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New Member
Jul 9, 2024
Melbourne, Australia
Hi all,

I'm in Melbourne (AU) and we've been having an issue with our Heat & Glo NG unit which is very difficult to start. Pilot light comes up, but often it would just do the 60 second time-out before we have to reset and reattempt. Usually after several attempts it would suddenly start and once it does, it would stay on until we turn it off.

So hoping to fix the issue, I've purchased a replacement Dexen 8K1-30 from the states and it seems to be able to start the fireplace manually (toggling the switch to ON). However, pairing the RC300 remote is the issue, I've followed the steps here with no success. I tried removing the batteries and left it out overnight and still unable to pair as well.

I swapped again to the old module (the grey one pictured below) and the remote resynced and paired itself up nicely after following linked sync instructions above.

I've also searched online and there seems to be Australian manuals that indicate that the remote could be RC300AU instead of RC300 which may or may not be the case as there is no AU reference on the remote itself.

Out of ideas here, any more is much appreciated:
- Should I order a new remote from the states)?
- Did I purchase the correct replacement module?
- Any other way to control the fan without the remote? Happy to manually use the firewall without the remote too if this is possible.

Thank you all!

New IPI 8K1-30 installed with the existing RC300 remote.
Heat & Glo, RC300 pairing issue after replacing 8K1-30.

Old module: 8K1-30 2166-306
Heat & Glo, RC300 pairing issue after replacing 8K1-30.

Heat & Glo, RC300 pairing issue after replacing 8K1-30.