Heatilator PS35 exhaust blower problem

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Jan 17, 2021
I have a PS35 pellet stove that the exhaust blower quit working. When I put an ohm meter across the motor leads it read open. So I ordered another exhaust blower assembly. When I put this one in it made a buzzing noise on power up but it did start to work. After a few cycles it quit. I found the windings very hot to the touch and it would not run. I assumed I had a defective motor so I got a replacement. The new one is doing the same thing. I checked the feed voltage coming from the control board and it's 120v. The only thing I can think of is the control board might be bad, but wanted to get some other opinions. Any ideas?
what you described is a low voltage causing heat in the motor. But yet when you check voltage from the board it is at 120vac. This is quite perplexing. Have you checked continuity of the common/neutral wires. It could be one of the neutrals are open.
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Did you check the voltage with the motor connected? The board may not be able to provide the needed current under load.
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I have not checked it under load I will do that. Also I will check the neutral wires. Thanks for the reply's.