Q&A Heatilator Woes

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Nov 27, 2012

Dear Sirs, Have an 18 year old home with a heatilator. The flue door hinges rusted off and the door fell off. Do you have any information on repair or replacement? I don't really want or can afford to tear out the fireplace to replace the heatilator. I have asked the people at Hearth.com for their assistance also. Thanks. Great Website!


A couple options for those rusted Heatilators:

1. If it's only a problem of a bad damper, you can purchase a "top sealing damper" from a company like Lyemance (http://www.lyemance.com/). This allows you to control a spring loaded damper from inside the house..the damper sits on the top of the chimney.

2. Install a wood burning insert, and line the chimney partially or fully. This is a option that will cost $1200 to $2000 or more, but give you good heat from your wood and a longer burn. Stainless steel piping is used to line the chimney.

3. Replace or rebuild the Heatilator...The mose expensive option - there are units made to do this, but I think you will spend $2500 to $4000 on an installed job.

Link: Top Sealing Dampers
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