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    I know the old stand-by method for heating up a flue in a woodstove is to hold a piece of newspaper up there until the pipe heats up - I have done it many times. However, I am in the market for a new stove right now. I am looking at LOPI and Hearthstone. The design of the hearthstone is such that the reburn baffles cover the flue. The smoke exits above the baffles just behind the glass, then moves to the back of the stove to go up the flue. Are you aware of any method of heating up these new catalytic, EPA, whatever, flues. Looking in the stove, it does not appear they are very accessible. The salesman says, " well just get a properly drafting chimney and you will not have a problem". Well guess what. When it is 15 below zero and your stove has not been lit for 3 days, there is going to be major volumes of cold air flowing down the chimney. Can you help me. Als, how do you feel about the LOPI Liberty or the Mansfield by Hearthstone? Thanks, Dan


    Your best bet, with either stove, might be to install a TEE in the stove pipe above the stove with a removable side cap. You can then open the side cap and insert a piece of newspaper for heating the flue. Of course, the cap has to fit relatively tightly...you can probably even rig up some thumbscrews to allow you to easily remove or lock it in place.

    The stove you mention are totally different. The HearthStone is usually purchased for it's beauty as well as it's heat, so it's often an emotional decision. I can say that I would have EITHER stove myself, so I don't think you will go wrong in your decision. --
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