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Sep 3, 2015
I'm about 90% sure I want to go the route of a Heatmaster G200 here in Ohio. I was initially wanting to go the direction of boiler and storage but my basement isn't setup very well for it and the chimney. Building a pole barn and doing the boiler and storage is out of my budget right now. I'm going to start calling dealers in my area next week (left a message for one this week but have not heard back - however it is the week of the 4th and it's been blazing hot out. They do all HVAC so I'm sure they're busy if they are in town). Both are 60-70mi away from me (I'm in CB country).

I'll put it off the back edge of my drive with the eventual plans to build a polebarn around it down the road. Then in 10-15 yrs as the wood size becomes a burden for me be in the position to move another direction (wood boilers, solar, who knows where technology will be at that point) but if I wanted to go to an indoor boiler and storage which should use less and smaller wood I could at that point. I've got a 30x12' carport I store wood under directly behind this area also.

I'm in a 2400sqft 2 story with unfinished basement. Furnace is in the basement (forced air heat electric w/ heatpump). ~1400sqft basement and first floor and another 1000sqft on second story. House built in 1993. I think my heatloss comes out to somewhere in the low to mid 40,000/hr at -10f.

Couple questions for people that have the boilers. With dealers being 1.5hr away from me at best since there's no direct interstates between here and there how is the parts supply with Heatmaster should something go wrong? If I've got a pump or switch or something fail during warranty am I completely at the mercy of the dealer or can they have parts shipped direct and I do the labor?

One other question I have is wood. I have not burned in 2 summers. I have 5-7 cords of wood that's cut more stove length. ~18" with some longer/shorter and most 3-4" diameter splits. Some smaller. It's been stacked going on 3-4 summers now; I moved most of it from my prior residence. It looks like most people like wood 20"+ and maybe a little wider for these? I'm assuming I will go through more wood this first year due to smaller splits and more surface area in the stove? Or should I not be too concerned about that?
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Jan 27, 2017
Floyd, VA
I don't know a lot of the dealers in Ohio but I have met Scott and April from Heartland Energy at dealer meetings. Very good people. They're in northern Ohio, they come up if you Google them.
Pumps are interchangeable, you could replace with any brand. Dealers are expected stock other parts, but they could be mailed from anywhere. We help each other out (I'm a dealer too).
I don't think you'll burn more wood with it being split small, just don't load it too heavy or the coal bed might get too thick. Might smoke a bit with the extra surface area. I'd actually cut some bigger pieces and mix it, the combination would be a great way to regulate coal bed depth. Big wood doesn't crumble as quickly, small wood is the opposite.