Help ID this Walnut look alike

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Does butternut also have those chambers? I have a thread here looking to identify something in the walnut family that I was pretty sure was not black walnut (wrong bark). Not mentioned there is that the couple twigs I had did have the chambers. It dried pretty quick and pretty light, so I went with butternut. Whatever it was, it looked nothing like the wood in this thread.

Edit: just googled, it does. But I also found a site that shows butternut wood with no color difference between heartwood and sapwood:


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Dec 5, 2006
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Rockey said:
treeman45246 said:
ansehnlich1 said:
I'm sayin' what ya got there is English Walnut.
And I agree. Not common in our neck of the woods, but it is around.
Don't all walnuts produce "nuts". If so, count English Walnut out. This tree had moe in common with my father in law than just growing on his property. It also had - no nuts.
Well now, it's possible it was never pollinated, some English Walnut (Carpathian, for instance) need 2 trees to pollinate well, others are self pollinating. Any other of the same tree in the area?

I'm stickin' with English (Carpathian) Walnut :)


Jul 24, 2008
I'm no expert in american wood species but try your luck at

There are quite a lot of tree experts hanging around, maybe someone can help you further.
I guess it will be easier for you to identify the tree as you have seen the leaves, etc.
let us know if it was of any help
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