HELP! Lopi liberty bypass issue

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Dec 26, 2014
New York
I was getting ready to load my lopi liberty and found a chunk of steel in the stove. I believe it’s part of the bypass plate. One of the fins that hold the plate next the the fire bricks in the top of the stove. The bypass damper opens and closes as it should.

The stove is the only heat source in the area of the house currently am I ok to continue to run the stove till warmer weather comes?

Stove is 5 years only and I’m ashamed to admit it was run. But hard we’ll I was learning to run the stove right the first couple of years ☹️.

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Master of Fire
Sep 2, 2008
It’s more likely a portion of the rear baffle support. Pay close attention. To how all the parts were arranged before you disassemble it. Fortunately, all the parts are pretty cheap and not too hard to replace.


Minister of Fire
Nov 17, 2014
Belair mb
That's why I got rid of my osburn 2300.between forgetting to close the bypass and worried about exactly happened here.