Help - Need "Premium" Log Splitter Shipped to Hawaii

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Jul 25, 2012
If anyone knows of a company that will ship a "premium" log splitter to Hawaii, I would appreciate a lead. My only option is a 27 Ton Lowes model, that is only available occasionally.

I am not afraid to pay up for a good quality 27+ Ton. But I am getting quotes for shipping of close to $1000.


Minister of Fire
Mar 10, 2015
SW Ohio
Can you get by with a splitting axe/ maul like Fiskars X27 ?
How cold does it get in HI ? What are your firewood burning needs ? Commercial venture ?
What do people burn in HI ?


Burning Hunk
Dec 13, 2018
NE Ohio
Just got back from a week in Hawaii first week of April and I told my buddies back here that I couldn't live in Hawaii cause there's no firewood there. My impression was that all the good trees there are used in the exotic wood trade for making expensive things.