Q&A HELP! New to Wood Stoves

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Nov 27, 2012

My parents just moved into a new home on the lake that has a nice wood stove (with a blower fan)- but they have never had wood heat before. Can you answer a few questions or direct us to someone who can? 1.) Their home is two stories- and the wood stove is located on the bottom floor. They have been adjusting the vents and the flue- but the bottom level gets really hot in no time- while the top floor is much cooler. However- if they close down the air vents to make the fire lower- it gets too cold. Any suggestions on how to get the temperature just right?2.) Is there a way to install a vent to lead to the upstairs so the heat can be redistributed?


Takes awhile to get used to a stove...and learn the in's and out's. After a few hours heat will start filtering through the home. But don;t expect it to happen immediately. A vent in the floor will help. So will a magnetic thermometer on the stove- which will allow you to gauge the surface temperature of the stove.Installing a grate in the floor of the upstairs will definitely make the heat be distributed better. Check with your local bulding codes before installing a grate, however.
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