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dsh Posted By dsh, Nov 1, 2013 at 7:58 PM

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    Nov 1, 2013
    We seem to have presented an impossible challenge to our local fireplace dealers. Our existing fireplace opening is 30" wide X 29" tall. It is surrounded by stone that we do not want to cut or cover up.

    The most promising idea so far is a proposal to install a Kingsman IDV33, but they do not have a surround that will work. I said please get me the proposal excluding the surround & I will get something fabricated to cover the side & top gaps as long as the surround is cosmetic only.

    I also asked them to do a proposal for a Vermont Castings insert since they are a dealer & the website says it can fit in a 30" width. The dealer got back to me & said the Vermont Castings insert won't fit because the controls on the side make the width > 30". I read through the Kingsman manual & it looks like that unit will have the same problem.

    Do I understand this correctly that both units must have the controls removed and installed in the surround in order to fit in a 30" width? Is this really that difficult or is there an easy solution that our local dealers aren't coming up with?

    Any help/advice would be very much appreciated.
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