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Oct 23, 2015
Alberta Canada
I have moved in to a new house that has a wonderful cook stove (wood/coal) in the kitchen area. However, I cannot find any manuals or information on it anywhere.

The oven door says that it is a Findlay Arkland but I cannot find any mention of that model. Is there anywhere else I can look for a model name (I suspect that the door may have been replaced at some time)?
Can you post a picture or two of the stove?
That's a beauty! Can you post a closeup of just the Oven door shot at a lower angle so that the naming is clearer?
OK, now can see all of the pictures. So far nothing has shown up for me either. This could take networking with antique stove dealers and restorers that may have catalogs from this time period. I would also contact both Heartland and Elmira Stoves and ask if they have a history or listing of Findlay models. There were several, some not too common.
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