Help with Dumont Tempest


Minister of Fire
Nov 14, 2011
How do we find Tom in Maine, I would like to talk about our tempest, Dumont wood fired boiler.
Hello we are hoping for some information on what other dumont wood boiler folks are using in there water holding tanks. So the boiler water treatment, what ph should we be looking for and what should we be adding and at what amount. since dumont went out of business I am wondering what to buy for this and how much to add. our tank is a 2500 gallons
The instruction book is suggesting adding a chemical treatment that converts the oxygen into an oxide that is harmless to the tank surface. This is a closed system but heating the water releases oxygen which will form slight rust deposits on the tank surface. but they recommend adding a chemical treatment to provide extra precaution against corrosion.
Thank you in advance for any help you may offer and if there is another dumont owner it would be great to talk. This is Tom's company .


Dec 11, 2011
For boiler water treatment, I use Chemsearch 777. The label says 1 gallon per 100 gallons of system water. I count on a boiler water tech to test. But I think it is a nitrate level test. I only have a 600 gallon system.