Help with Pioneer Castings Traditions T-100

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Jan 2, 2024
I'm having trouble finding much information on this stove on the internet so I was hoping there was some knowledgeable people on here that could help me. I recently purchased a cabin at about 5,000' elevation and part of the purchase required the seller to have the chimney swept, which they did. The stove however, doesn't work properly at all and I'm convinced that the catalytic combustor is clogged and needs either cleaned or replaced. It struggles to get the stove pipe thermometer over 200 degrees and any time you open the door smoke just billows into the room.

I admit that I am no expert on wood stoves, but I'm a pretty handy dude and want to fix this myself because it's expensive to have someone come up to the mountains for service work. My questions are, can anyone point me to the right catalytic combustor based on the picture to purchase for replacement, and apparently I need to remove the top of the stove to replace the combustor, so is there any gaskets or cement that I need when putting it back together?

Thank you in advance for any help!

It's an Earthstove Tradition T-100. The Pioneer Castings label was dropped soon afterward. The manual is for sale here.
I'm not sure if the earliest models had a cat. Can you post some pictures of the stove? Is there a bypass handle on the side?
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It says at the bottom of the nameplate that it is equipped with a cat. I wouldn't be able to post any pictures until this weekend when I will be back at the cabin. The bypass handle is on the top at the base of the flue. Thanks for your help.
These were good stoves back in the day with a pretty advanced design. Here are the instructions for the T-150 cat removal. The T-100 should be similar.
  1. Disconnect pipe from stove flue outlet.
  2. Looking down into the stove flue outlet, remove the bypass-operating arm set screws using an Allen wrench.
  3. Remove the 2 bolts that hold the top in place (lo- cated on the underside center left and right side of the top). Lift off the stovetop.
  4. Remove the catalytic housing by removing the 4 bolts on the underside of the top.
  5. The catalytic combustor is now visible under the stainless steel shield. Although it may be covered with a light ash, it should be relatively free of ob- structions in the honeycomb cells.
  6. Care should be taken to leave the gasketing in position when removing catalyst. This gasketing seals the catalyst.
  7. To reinstall, first remove the old stove cement from the stovetop and top edges (use a wire brush). Re- seal all gaps, including sides and base with a high temperature cement or silicone gasket available from your dealer.
  8. Reinstall the catalyst housing and top. When tightening down bolts on top, turn only a 1/4 turn and go to the next bolt being careful not to overtighten as this will strip the threads.

There are some old threads on it. Here's one.
Thank you so much, that helps a lot. I'm going to pull it apart this weekend and hopefully just be able to clean the cat but if it's broken, I will order a new set and go that route.
It might just be dead if it has over 10,000 hrs on it. Unfortunately, though it's a good stove, they didn't make cat checking and cleaning easy. In the least, the top should have been gasketed.