Help with Proflame system

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New Member
Feb 4, 2023
I havean old proflame remote (0.584.022), receiver (0.584.221), DFC (0.584.302), pilot assembly (LPG9608) with gas logs SCVFALP18LP that I cannot get to work properly. I have a IPI/CPI switch, I don't have a fan or splitflow. The until sparks and flame starts (sounds like a blow torch), but the flame does not reach the rectifier (pics 1&3). It continues to spark, flame goes out and the small flame barely touches the rectifier for 2 seconds. I can use a paper clip or lighter to "transfer" the flame to the rectifier, it continues to click, the main burner does not light. The receiver and remote both turn on and beep to communicate. I don't have the 7v adapter and I am using a new 9v battery. I have cleaned the pilot, rectifier, spark ignitor and checked for wire connections. I don't know if it is the pilot assembly, DFC board, wire harness or if I need a 7v adapter. I've tried some troubleshooting, ( the wires are all connected and I'm not certain that the black and red wires on the ignition module are between 6-7v but this could be because I don't have a 7v adapter. Thanks!

Help with Proflame system Help with Proflame system Help with Proflame system