Help With Repurposed Insert for Outdoor Fireplace

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Nov 21, 2023
Hello. I’m building an outdoor patio and picked up a nice sized insert off of Facebook marketplace. I got it framed up and now I am running into issues getting it vented out of the ceiling, specifically finding the appropriate sized pipe to fit the top of the insert.

Here are some facts:
-there is no tag on the fireplace insert so I have not been able to identify the model #
-the old chimney pipe leading into the insert looks like it was cut out. (Angle grinder?)
—the opening coming out of the insert is about 11 1/4” (a size I haven’t been able to find anywhere)
-I need about 10’ to the bottom opening of my chimney

Does anyone have any ideas of how to get this vented out the chimney box appropriately? Any help is appreciated!

Help With Repurposed Insert for Outdoor Fireplace Help With Repurposed Insert for Outdoor Fireplace Help With Repurposed Insert for Outdoor Fireplace
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This is a prefabricated fireplace. An insert goes into an existing fireplace. It's essential to identify the unit so that the installation and flue system are installed according to the manufacturer's tested directions.
Yes sir I appreciate the reply. Without any tags/serial numbers etc do you know of any other way to id the prefabricated fireplace so that I can accomplish the proper install?