Hi guys. New here And need help asap! Please.

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New Member
Nov 1, 2023
Okay so I bought a second hand Lennox Winslow ps40 and it has settings off one through five and high. I looked up the owner's manual and it says to attach a thermostat you have to take out the jumper wire on the control board and use a two wire thermostat hook to where the jumper goes. It says that after I initially turn the stove on manually with the start button it will begin to heat the room when room temperature is reached and the thermostat stops calling for heat the stove will burn on the lowest setting for 1 hour if the thermostat calls for heat it will begin to burn more pellets after the hour the stove will shut down but if the thermostat calls for heat it will relight when I hook the thermostat up the stove will shut down after room temperature is reached it does not seem to burn for the hour on the lowest setting but my main concern is that it will not relight at any time when the thermostat calls for heat again I live in a very small house and I'm burning up so many pellets I need this thing to turn off and on. With no thermostat and just the jumper wire the stove will run on whatever setting I set it at forever my problem is even on one my home gets to 85°, so I need it to turn off and on also it's using two bags of pellets a day which I cannot afford. I've heard these stoves have a hard time running on a thermostat I figured you guys are experts I really need some help the thermostat I bought for it is a Honeywell ct87k it is heat only non-programmable thanks for any help you can offer
I'm not sure but I don't think your thermostat is a millivolt unit which it probably needs to be. This is a guess because I'm not familiar with your stove. Harman stoves require millivolt thermostats and that's where my guess comes from.
I figured it out and you are right the package on my ts was misleading and I thought it was mv but it was 24v.... Got a mv one and it's working well.. thanks for the response. You would have led me in the right direction!