Hidden Fireplace

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New Member
Sep 7, 2023
Hello all -

We have decided to knock a hole in our wall to see if the fireplace we suspected to be there was intact. We had everything inspected and everything checked out as working and ready for use (Including the chimney). However, they did knock the surround off to make the wall flush for drywall. With that being said, I have some questions regarding the rebuild of this surround. We are wanting to convert to a gas burner with a stone ball look in the fireplace with a stucco surround - I will upload pictures to elaborate on what were going for. My questions are regarding the firebox and how to close it down to more of a modern look. The current firebox is quite big and has a steel lintel that appears to be structural.

My main questions here are:
1. What do I need to do to reduce the height of the fireplace opening to make it more like like the rectangular firebox you see in the picture with the stone balls?

Appreciate any advice on moving forward. I think I possibly just need to talk through it and that I might be "stuck" on certain aspects.

Hidden Fireplace Hidden Fireplace Hidden Fireplace Hidden Fireplace
Yes, the opening would need to be framed per the fireplace requirements, probably with metal studs.