High efficiency fireplace recommendations

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New Member
Sep 3, 2023
Hello and thanks for any help/insight! we are about to break ground on a 750 sq ft main floor addition (plus basement below) to our 4000 sq ft home, and I was wondering if anyone could provide some direction in regards to high efficiency fireplace units. The plan is for the addition to renovate and expand the current kitchen with an open concept to include a large great room with a high efficiency fireplace on the back wall of the addition. So all new construction where the fireplace would be located. The house‘s primary heat source is radiant heat baseboards which would also be installed in the addition. I would expect the fireplace to be used intermittently, maybe 4-5 days a week during our Wisconsin winters primarily using dead ash for comfort and as a secondary heat source. Our GC contacted the local fireplace supplier who only carries quadra-fire and heat&glo appliances, and they recommended a quadra-fire pioneer 3 for installation. I have not been able to find a lot of information regarding this product, and I was hopeful someone would have some Feedback regarding this product or a recommendation for a different product.
Thank you, Kyle
The Quad Pioneer III is a high efficiency unit of conventional tube secondary design. It should work out fine for comfort and as a secondary heat source. It's a big 4 cu ft fireplace favoring E/W loading. There are several other companies making large EPA fireplaces. RSF, Valcourt, FPX, & Astria are some others. The Astria Montecito Estate qualifies for the tax credit, but it is more expensive so the savings may be a moot point.