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    Hello Craig-I am burning an older airtight, and have run into a kind of question. Stove works great, I took the thermostat out and am running manually. Once I get the chimney warmed up and a good bed of coals in the stove I have tried to find a spot to get this thing to run at a little lower temp. But I have found that to keep a flame on the fire and the temp. up at at least 300 (stack temp, single wall) this stove puts out a lot of heat even with the stove draft pinched way down. SO I'M WONDERING if this is just a trait of steel airtights that you may have learned through trial and error? Does a person have a little better control over the actual temp of a cast, soapstone, or maybe a cat stove? Craig I've read the firestarting and keeping it going articles on Hearthnet. Write if you get time-Thanks Steve


    Newer EPA stoves must be designed to pass tests proving clean-burning ability at many different heat levels....Older stoves had no such test. So, all the newer stoves, both cat and non-cat are easier to control. The best way to control an older stove is to limit the amount of fuel...less fuel and more air will result in a cleaner fire...with less heat.
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