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    My husband and I recently bought a home with a Timberline woodstove. We decided to start a fire this evening and we had smoke coming out of the stove into the house. Now, I am not experienced with wood stoves (know how to use a fireplace) and I want to know how you can tell if the flue is open by using the damper. With my previous fireplace I knew when the flue was open but with this stove I cannot tell if the flue is open. I also read some articles about if the stove is cold to light some paper inside the stove to see if it will reverse. Can you help me?


    In lieu of not having an owner's guide, I would remove the pipe and review the stove through the exposed flue collar area. Move the damper handle back & forth and look into the stove to see if a corresponding movement is taking place. If the internal damper is indeed open yet the problem still persists, check out these two articles:



    Between these articles and a close inspection, you should be able to build a smoke free fire. If not, see a hearth professional or certified chimney sweep to inspect your flue which may be clogged with creosote or possibly a bird's nest.

    Link: Starting a Fire Article
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