Honey Bear with removable pedestal ?

mike zimmerman Posted By mike zimmerman, Jan 31, 2013 at 1:10 AM

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    I appreciate that thought! Your right, I've had a Fisher for about 30 years of my life and not until recently, knew what I had until I found this web site, met Coaly and a few more of the "great" people here on the site. since then, I have grown to appreciate so much what Bob Fisher has done for us and "me and my family" personally.:cool: A wise man once said, "the original is always the best"...
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    The bear feet do add a nice touch to your finished stove. Congrats on doing such a nice job.
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    Jan 31, 2013
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    I am hoping someone can Guide me in the right direction. I purchased a Honeybear pedestal model, and it has the heat shield attached to the back of it. My question is around clearances, if it has the attached heat shield to the stove body, and if we do a heat shield on the wall, what would the clearance have to be? We are fitting this in a narrow space with a walkway in front of it, want to shave any inches if possible.

    Also, I'm assuming if single-wall flue is installed inside house, and if clearances can be reduced by body, I'd have to have a heatshield all the way up to ceiling to accommodate single wall pipe that would be closer to wall as well, correct?

    Ideally, is like to hug the stove as close as possible to wall and allow a mantle (heat shield only behind body, not all the way up).

    Thanks for any help you can give.
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    If the pipe is closer than 18 inches, use double wall pipe for close clearance down to 6 inches.

    There should be a UL tag on the pedestal with clearances. 14 inches to the rear is shown in manual.
    If there is no UL label, it is an unlisted appliance and the section in NFPA 211 for unlisted appliances gives reduced clearance with approved heat shield. This equals a 66% reduction from the normal 36 inch clearance with NO less than 12 inches in any case. 12 inches is measured to the wall, not shield.

    There is no "single wall flue". A flue can be clay liner inside masonry chimney or stainless steel pre-fabricated chimney. They are double or triple wall, depending on type. The pipe from stove to chimney is called connector pipe which can be single or double wall.

    A "mantle" is the decorative shelf over a fireplace.

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