Hooking together wood and oil boiler with indirect and electric water heater.

acs55812 Posted By acs55812, Oct 19, 2011 at 3:04 AM

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    Currently I have oil boiler with fin tube radiation on the oil boiler, it uses one circ pump and two zone valves.

    And electric water heater.

    I just got an indoor wood boiler, and an Amtrol indirect water heater. I would like these hooked so the first source for baseboard heat is wood---then oil if that doesn't keep up or is not being burned.

    For the domestic hot water I would like the first source to be the Amtrol unit then the electric if the wood isn't burning.

    I looked at the sticky's and couldn't find a hookup similar to this, but think this must be a fairly common request.

    I do have available extra circ pumps, and an outdoor temp sensor if any of that comes into something useful for this hookup.


    P.S. the real question here is "Is there a site or sticky I should be looking at for the hookup diagram for a system like this?"
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    nofossil has a diagram https://www.hearth.com/econtent/index.php?ACT=24&fid=21&aid=10315_cPy6RMYxa6bttY9kQaMu&thumb=1&board_id=1 from one of the stickies (read down the thread) that is close to what you want. You may want to consider some storage (makes the whole thing simpler in my opinion and also more efficient). Is the indirect heater just to top off your DHW? I run my DHW from cold -> HX coil in storage tank -> Indirect (to top it off if needed). I don't have an electric heater and I don't need one. I have an differently plumbed system with boiler to storage as a closed system with a HX to get storage to use (no direct boiler to load path, you have to heat at least 200 gallons (out of 1000) to get boiler heat). It is a little different but it is what the Radiant Company designed for my application and it has been working well for 3 seasons with the boiler and a season or two before that with only the indirect heater.

    In my diagram, storage is heated by a direct loop with the boiler with Danfoss return temp protection at the boiler. It is not shown on the load diagram.

    Welcome to the addiction!

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