Hot Air Circulation

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Dec 23, 2019
Nova Scotia

We installed woodstove (in basement) two years ago. It heats the basement pretty well, some of the hot air goes up (through the staircase, about 4 feet wide) to living space.
We would like more of this hot air to go up into the living space area. I read some posts here, I understand one of the options is to put small fan on the floor, to push the cold air toward the wood stove.

Another option I thought about, but cannot find any details, I can make a hole/install a vent above woodstove, so the fan will push the cold air towards the woodstove and hot air will raise to living area. The only thing, it's another room (above woodstove) on main floor, next to the living room.

A few questions please.
1. Can you see any issue with with this idea?
2. The vent above the wood stove, should it be rated for hot air or something?
3. I read somewhere that dry air (less than 30-40% humidity) might impact the wood. Any concern it will impact the floor beams after a while?
4. Are there any regulations/codes for this kind of work?

Sorry for the long post.

Thank you!


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Dec 9, 2022
Hi, I am new & in France.
Thanks for this great site !
Having read this post, I decided to join the Forum - the phrase that bought my eye was:
"I understand one of the options is to put small fan on the floor, to push the cold air toward the wood stove."

My stove is upstairs in great room (cathedral ceiling and fan).
I have a basement hang-out that gets a bit cold so I use an electric faux-stove (900 / 1800 Watts).

With the current cold weather, I have been experimenting with a desk fan in the basement, pushing air upstairs to the stove via the air grille (At stove installation, 9 yrs ago, I had the guys enlarge the existing 4''-diameter air vent that previously fed the open hearth...) (they thought I was a bit daft, we got jokes about stormwater runoff & flooding etc.).

(It was too difficult to explain to them, but somewhere in the back of my mind, I had the notion that it would be good for air-circulation (bioclimatic house, loads of south-facing glass, gets very hot at the end of a summer's day etc.) and would somehow work with the staircase for night-time tempering etc.).

I subsequently & instinctively built a drywall stack down from the said air grate, to the basement floor. Our fresh air intake arrives in the basement at the opposite end of the house (the house is pretty airtight because external wall insulation), so in fact the stack supplies external air direct to foot of stove...

So pursuing my desk-fan idea, I have now bought a duct fan, 8" diameter, 230 cfm, 43 Watts, 32 dB.

I intend to fit the fan halfway up the basement stack, to suck basement floor air and blow it upstairs to foot of stove...

Or Not -- in fact I am now wondering if I should fit it the opposite way, and have it pulling warm lounge air DOWN into the cold basement, then let the heat just rise back up the stairs.

Apologies for the long & complex posting, guess it reflects my mental state !

Thanks for any feedback,
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