How’s my flue look?

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Jan 28, 2024
Second post here and only been burning wood 5 years. The stove came with our home. I ran a wire brush down the chimney a dozen time and one of those drill soot eater type of brushes from the inside up and the roof down. The first picture is where my stove pipe enters my clay flue through the chimney which is located center of the house. The second is the roof down. Wood stove is about 15’ down from the roof. Clean out is in basement about 12’ below wood stove. I’m wondering how my flue looks? It doesn’t get any cleaner than this. The house was built In 1987. I don’t know how the previous owners kept up with cleanings. But I sweep it every 6 weeks or so as I’m super paranoid. Thanks all.

How’s my flue look? How’s my flue look?
Looks very clean.
I was skeptical due to some of that stuff that looked flaked on the side very thin but won’t come off. If I reach down with a screw driver I can scratch it off but that obviously won’t work where I can’t reach.
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