How Do I Get An Energy Audit Done?

thephotohound Posted By thephotohound, Aug 6, 2007 at 1:57 PM

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  1. got wood?

    got wood?
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    I agree with you's a minimal payback if the windows are recent...I just replaced my original windows in my house (built 1900) so it has made a pretty significant difference compared to the rattly old weight and sash single pane windows. I don't expect a payback in efficiency, but definitely a payback when it comes time to sell this place. As you pointed out, it soft costs will most likely be recouped.

    Funny thing is that about 40 minutes ago a fella from MassSaves just finished the combustion test on my house and I'm about to get some blown in cellulose insulation (and by about I mean 4-6 weeks out). Zero insulation in my walls, so this will be a good thing. I'll focus on air leakage with the basement windows and doors and hope to have this place brought into the 1960s by paying a fella to cram shredded newspaper into my walls. It's 50% covered up to $1500 so I qualify for the full $1500. The payback in energy costs will not be until 4-5 years according to their `calculators', but again, it's an investment in the house that I can `sell' to the next owner later on.

    And in the's the right thing to do...less fossil fuel, less wood...
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