How effective are the new Lopi NexGen Hybrid woodstove inserts without using the blower

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New Member
Mar 3, 2024
Ohio City, CO
I just have a quick question as I'm agonizing over which wood stove insert would be better for my situation (Lopi or Regency). In a video I watched on the new Lopi NexGen Hybrid stoves, they claimed that you'll get a fair amount of heat without even turning the blower on. They said if you put your hand up to the top vents it feels almost like a blower on low, even when the blower isn't being used. Does anyone have enough experience with this woodstove insert to be able to compare the heating capabilities both using the blower and not. I live in an area that sees frequent power outages, so if the Lopi stoves can heat somewhat decently without a blower that would be a huge selling point for me. Any help would be much appreciated. Doug Dillingham Ohio City, Colorado
They will trickle out some convective heat and will radiate some from the front but the blower makes a big difference with a flush insert. Look at inserts that project out onto the hearth more for better power outage heating.
I just recently (early February) installed the Lopi Medium Flush NexGen Hybrid insert (wow, that's a mouthful), after having a Jotul Rockland C550 flush insert in my previous house. If you sit in front of the insert going at full blast, you'll feel radiant heat. I doubt it would be enough to heat my living room to any significant degree during a power outage in the middle of a Central MA winter though. Also, I'd be leery of running the unit at full blast for radiant heat without the fan going for fear of damaging the cat. Best of luck.