How far down should I hang the fan?

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I can't reach my fan. I need to buy a 12' step ladder, and not sure I'll reach from there.
One plus is the previous owner installed a 3 rocker switch. On for light, one for fan, and one for power. Pretty sweet. Can reverse fan direction by pressing 2 rockers together. Can raise or lower dimmer with the light switch(beeps with each brighter progression. Can change the fan speed with the fan switch, again beeps with each fan speed progression. Light & fan have 5 different brightness/speed settings(separate fro each other). One of the few things the owner did decent.
We have two in the room with my older F12 and a 14' ceiling. We just keep one blowing up, and the other blowing down. Works great at creating a forced loop in all seasons.

I can reach the fans with a 10' step ladder, and I'm glad for that, as we like to clean them at least once or twice each year.
Thought I would resurrect this older thread. At the time, I had no intention of replacing the fan in our 16' cathedral ceiling (about 930 sq ft room) but since I was repainting the ceiling and had scaffolding out anyway, it seemed to make sense to replace the 30 yr. old fan. Yup, they are a PITA to work on at that height.

We found an almost perfect fan at HD (almost was due to $$$) and decided on a 1 ft. drop. I bought the 1' plus an 18" and the 18 was too long IMHO. The newer fans (some of them anyway) do indeed have self balancing blades, which is very nice. Even though ours has a remote control with auto temperature controls, the remote DOES NOT allow us to reverse the direction on our fan. Bummer. When we first got everything finished and I was still on the scaffold, I turned it on low on 'summer' or downdraft mode and my wife said she felt the warmth immediately. I reversed it on the motor control and it was not as good.

Since then, we've been running it on low and the 'summer' setting is just as good or better than the old one that was set for 'winter'. So.... I'm reversing my earlier post and if you set it on low speed, the effect is the same. All you really need is to very gently circulate the air in winter and it works fine.
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