How is the Pioneer III supposed to work? New owner..

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New Member
Jan 12, 2024
I purchased my home a couple of months ago and it has a Quadrafire Pioneer III. I have had several fires in the stove and the actual burning seems to go pretty well. I can't for the life of me figure out how the thermostat works (or if it does) and how the fan comes on... I have tried the thermostat at a high temperature and at a low temperature and it doesn't seem to make any difference in the operation of the fireplace. The next thing is the fan. It appears to work off of one of the thermocouples/heat sensors. There are two wires running out from the circuit board that are metal wrapped. I'm thinking they must go to a heat sensor. Anyway, the fan comes on after the firebox gets hot, though it sure doesn't seem consistent. Then it may run for a half hour to an hour, then it will turn off, then back on a while later... I think the first few times I had a fire the fan kept operating until the unit cooled down, but it goes on and off now. (not short on/off, but maybe 1/2 hour on, then off) The box is hotter than heck and may have a good fire going or good bed of coals. Does this sound like a circuit board problem, thermostat problem or ? Thanks in advance for any feedback. Oh... the local dealer retired and shut down his business... I'd also take any recommendations of someone to call.
Have you adjusted the fan speed dial of your fan manually?
It shouldn't be doing that, at least mine doesn't. Once it turns on and the fire is going good it'll stay on. It does sometimes go at different speeds depending on how hot im burning but never shuts off.
When I start a fire the fan doesn't come on until it's warmed up. I have the fan on low but if the fire gets roaring the fan automatically speeds up until it dies down some. Are you opening the door and not pressing the button before and after you've closed the door? I've had a smaller fire going and opened the door to throw a log on and not pushed the button and the fan has shut off. I believe its from the air cooling off the thermal couple thus telling the fan to shut off. But my fan stays on for the duration of the burn if i dont open the door or press the button. Sometimes after a big long fire the damper is closed for an hour or so and no fire is visible and the fan keeps running but the fire bo. Is still warm just no fire. I've also not had the fan turn on for over an hour when I made a small fire. Sometimes on the small fires the fresh air damper will close and I have to push the green button again. I know this is probably protecting it from creosote but I burned for 3 months just cleaned the chimney with only a small amount of soot.