How long before vacuuming ashes?

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Oct 29, 2022
Central MA
Seems like my primary air isn't working, I assume it's clogged with ash from dragging coals forward during reloads. I can only think to vacuum it out to hopefully clear the blockage. Last night's fire is still burning down now. How long should I wait to safely vacuum? We might be in the market for a new house, but we don't want to burn down this one first.

Coals can stay hot for weeks from what ive heard. I never saw it las that long, but a few days for sure.
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Ah that's too bad, probably takes me to the end of this burning season. We're up in the 40s by the end of the week.
Can't poke it out with a bent clothes hanger?
Coat hanger hadn't crossed my mind but that's a good idea. I'll give a shot once the coals die down enough to monkey around in there. Thanks!
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A hand held brush or wire brush may work too. Or maybe compressed air?
How about a wet/dry shop vac with the air filter removed. Put some water in the body of the vac to drown any hot stuff that comes down the hose.

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I kept a close eye on the ashes, they're very cold white ash by this afternoon. Vacuumed the air hole (not the firebox ashes) which was packed. Coat hanger couldn't clear it, but that's another thread... thanks all!