How much is a used ECONOBURN worth

cochrank Posted By cochrank, Mar 22, 2013 at 8:18 PM

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    Group I am new to this forum but I have seen some posts on here and I know there is a lot of knowledge here and I know I can get help (have I buttered the group up enough??). Just wondering how much a used 100,000 btu econoburn is worth. 5 year old model? Any help would be apprieciated.
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    My answer won't be very satisfying: "It depends".

    Boilers are heavy and hard to move, and there's a lot of work involved in installing them.

    The size and weight issue usually means that the list of potential customers is limited to a relatively small geographic area. Fewer potential customers can translate to a lower price.

    The cost and time for installation means that people are likely less willing to take a chance on a used unit that may need to be replaced sooner.

    It would be reasonable to look at a boiler as having a 20 year lifespan, with the total cost being the cost of the boiler plus the cost of transport and installation. A used boiler presumably has less total life left in it, but will incur the same transport and installation costs. At some point less than 20 years old, the value of the likely remaining life is less than the transport and installation costs.

    My thoughts are that a five year old boiler should be worth about 75% of the 'new' cost minus 25% of the normal 'transport and installation' costs. I'm sure there are other ways of looking at it :)

    All this being said, the selling price is ultimately determined by the customer. At the end of the day you only need one customer, and the boiler is worth whatever he's willing to pay for it.
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    It would probably help to have it as clean as possible, inside and out. And put in new refractory components. Save the old ones as spares.

    I think 75% of new would be pushing it though. Maybe 1/2 to 2/3.
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    Are you looking to buy or to sell?


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